Pumpkin Ooey Gooies

Today was such a sweet day for my little company.  What started out as an easy day with one order to fill turned a bit hectic yesterday morning.  Tonight’s client shared my information with a friend who was coming into town for the weekend with her Aunts to surprise her mother.  While she knew her Mom would be thrilled, she also knew that her mother would want to go into entertaining mode.  The goal was to visit and enjoy each others company – not worry about food, shopping, cooking or going out to eat.  So my friend suggested my company and after a brief phone conversation, a big order was placed.  I gladly accepted it knowing I had the time and the idea just was so sweet – that she would not only coordinate a surprise visit but the logistics as well.  A girl after my heart.  So as she was driving in from Virginia, I was able to drop off a weekend’s worth of food, a yummy dessert and some nibbles.  Her mother was overwhelmed and my day was made.

Speaking of dessert, she specifically requested a pumpkin bar (we must all be on a Pumpkin Spice Latte craze) so I was happy to oblige.  An order of Williams Sonoma’s pumpkin butter recently arrived and I knew it would do the trick nicely.  I found this recipe online and wanted to share it with y’all……take them up a notch with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Gather ’round the table with the people you love!!!!




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